We are all guilty of the constant scroll, image after image, click after click; an endless trance, often failing to take in the information at hand.

The overall goal with digital content is to catch the attention of users. We aim to stand out from the crowd and make an impact; stop them in their scroll. In the modern day, it is harder to do this due to the easy access and over saturation through online platforms.

The only way to guarantee that your content is king, is to do something different, something unique and something revolutionary.

Motion Graphics and Animation

Motion Graphics and Animation are visual concepts, commonly short videos, gifs and infographics used across digital platforms, including websites, emails, social media and digital advertisements. A specific area of graphic design that utilises best practice principles to create broadcast quality animation and motion graphics. These resulting materials can be then used in any digital format across any screen.

At Kaizen Digital Evolution our team are expert motion designers, backed by the strongest of core principles in graphic design and branding.

The Perks of Animation

Alternative to a static image, motion graphics and animation are an eye-catching method of communication. Delivering much more than a simple message, animation allows the story to evolve and interchange, creating a connection with viewers that will leave a lasting impression.

Boost your SEO with Motion Graphics and Animation

Incorporating animation into your online presence is a massively beneficial tool. The algorithm used by Google often prefers visual content, resulting in a higher search ranking for your brand.

Additionally, the incorporation of motion graphics and animation provide site visitors with a reason to stop, engage with your content and potentially take action. Engaging and informative animation content will result in site visitors spending more time on your page which incidentally should boost your position on search engines.

Use your Time Wisely

In the modern day, time is more precious than ever before. Our productivity is up, our desire to fit more into the day has increased and our capability to work smarter to achieve something in less time has increased. Using our time wisely is key and people are becoming more reluctant to sit down and read an extensive text explaining something online.

Incorporating motion graphics and animation into your online presence will tackle the time sensitive principles many hold today. Through an engaging summary of information, your material can be portrayed efficiently, achieving the same, if not more impact on viewers, in a fraction of the time.

Keeping up with the New Digital Age

Our society is always evolving through new discoveries and advancements in technology. In order to maintain an evolutionary approach, your organisation must adapt to growing trends.

The emerging generations have grown up online, watching animated videos and consuming information at a rapid pace. The use of traditional articles and information documents would be lost on their high-tech intellects and incidentally would fail to achieve company goals.

To effectively target these online users, motion graphics and animation is the way forward. Incorporating collaborative information, stimulating their mind with thought-provoking statements and eye-catching content will result in engagement and achieve in conveying the message, loud and clear.

Motion Graphics and Animation: Bespoke for You

Bringing a story to life through motion graphics and animation requires careful consideration, research and a professional graphic design team.

At Kaizen Digital Evolution, we have a team of Motion Graphic Designers, who are experienced in the field of animation, boasting an impressive portfolio of businesses across both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

We are a team of experienced Motion Graphics Designers who have helped businesses all across the country visualise their concepts through Motion Graphic and Animation projects. These have included: Display advertisements, product and explainer videos, presentation decks and television adverts.

Whatever your industry, we can create graphics to engage and stimulate your customers. The process of creating stunning visuals is exactly the same regardless of output. From PPC Display Ads, to Television Production, our creative is of the highest quality and suitable for every media type. Below we outline our process to creating stunning visuals.

The Devil is in the Detail

At Kaizen Digital Evolution, each and every project is different. We develop motion graphics and animation content that are bespoke to you and your industry to engage with and inspire your customers.

The detail executed into each project is second to none. Whether your graphic is for Twitter or Times Square, the method of producing visuals is the same, irrespective of output.

Motion Graphics and Animation at Kazien Digital Evolution

Are you considering incorporating animation in your next brand campaign? Look no further. Our experienced graphic design team are happy to discuss a project with you. Through knowledge and expertise, we can assist you in your animation journey, every step of the way.

Get in touch with our team on 028 9507 2007 or email us via the contact form.

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