Web Support & Maintenance

Protect your growth goals with our tailored website management and support packages.

Web support and maintenance is a vital to protect and grow your online presence

Every website requires ongoing updates and routine  servicing to maintain optimal functioning and to protect against the risk of unauthorised access or data breach.

We can help

Updating your website theme, coding, CMS and/or plugin is a daunting ordeal for many. However our team are here to proactively manage this through a robust and structured process.

Our web support & maintenance package is scheduled and completed every six weeks allowing you to rest assured that correct and timely monitoring and servicing is taken care of for your business website.

Safety First: Backing up your site

To ensure your website code and files are safe, we complete a backup before any update is executed. The backup is safely secured on two independent locations for ultimate protection.

Third Party Software

During routine maintenance we will update all system and third party codes to the latest versions. We will test the site to ensure it operates as normal post-updates and take instantaneous action if required. We will notify you when a third party is not regularly proving updates to their code, if this happens we may need to seek an alternative solution in order to protect your site against vulnerabilities.

Conflicts/Security Issues

Where conflicts or security issues are identified, we will confirm this with you immediately. Support of this nature is outside of the scope of the maintenance contract and will be costed separately. As are design, layout & content changes.  These deliverables are included in our web design services.

Website Maintenance Benefits

  • Optimal page speed

  • Fewer Errors

  • Data Security Protection

  • Peace of mind

  • Enhanced website performance

  • Monitoring and on-hand support

  • Scheduled updates (every 6 weeks)

  • Ongoing site evaluation

Web support & maintenance packages

In addition to our great packages below we have an AdHoc option, which is perfect for businesses who need a one off update. Priced at £60/hr


£45 / month
  • CMS Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • Security Updates


£85 / month
  • CMS Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • Security Updates
  • Theme Updates
  • Added website security suggestions
  • Active malware scans and removal
  • Added website security suggestions

These are purely maintenance packages and only include updates, security monitoring and content updates/amends.  Any design, structural or technical changes are not included. Price does not include VAT which is applicable.

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