social media

We are living in the new, digital era. Social media is single handily the most powerful tool for business and it is important to capitalise on this.

From Instagram to Twitter, to TikTok and Facebook. Each platform has a different art and getting it right is key. Promote what you do to the endless stream of scrollers.

Failing to maintain a consistent presence on online may result in your organisation going unnoticed and your competitors stealing your target audience and potential customers.

Invest in the best social

Social media has become an incredible resource for staying updated on current events, connecting with friends or family, and engaging with businesses online.

For brands hoping to leverage the popularity of different online platforms and reach the ever-growing user database of those platforms, investment is key.

Developing a well-thought-out social media campaign can be an incredible investment, helping to build brand recognition and boost the success of your business.

Keep up with Competitors

Social media is a brilliant tool, allowing an open access platform to monitor the progress of competitors. Yet, it is crucial that organisations do not get sucked in and begin mirroring the behaviour of their competitors.

Innovative and original behaviour will breed success and ensuring your organisation maintains a competitive edge is key. A massive asset in this process is to hold a consistent presence online.

Communicate with your target audience

Social media is a great platform for organisations to maintain real time communication with customers, clients and target audiences. Hence, continuously updating your platform is key.

Whether you conduct online surveys via your Instagram stories, engage with your audience through question and answer sessions or operate an open direct message policy, all is beneficial.

Additionally, social media can be used to promote your company as a customer focused business and encourage engagement and feedback. Doing this will not only benefit customers, providing them with the best possible service but will also benefit your company, highlighting what your audience wants and incidentally generating ideas for future projects.

Get your timing right

Posting on social media requires considered, calculated planning. Many people still have suspicious holdups about online platforms and do not see the immense power that it holds.

When it comes to posting, timing is key. There are certain times of the day that is best for posting and capitalising on this is key. You could have a perfect social media campaign but the benefits are often disregarded if posted at an incorrect time.

#Hashtags #Are #Key

The power of the hashtag is not to be undermined. They are a valuable tool, used strategically across almost all social media platforms.

Using relatable, relevant and engaging hashtags are key, boosting your exposure and targeting your audience of choice. If correctly implemented, the use of hashtags holds the power to boost your campaign engagement, increase your audience, generate sales and enhance your organic social reach.

Furthermore, using hashtags allows your organisation to get involved in conversations and other important issues on social media. Hence, when running a campaign, it is worthwhile to research topics that are trending in relation to your focus and placing the campaign amongst that conversation through hashtags.

Track your social stats

Getting to know your audience has never been as simple as it is at the moment. Through tracking your audience’s activity, you can gain an accurate understanding into their social habits, with active time being one of them.

Posting content at optimal time, when most of your audience are active on social media is key. This will encourage their engagement and boost your exposure.

How Kaizen can help YOU with social

At Kaizen Digital Evolution, we understand how to navigate platforms and how to perform well on each relevant site.

We understand how each site can be used to benefit your business differently. We use this knowledge to create a social media strategy so you can begin to master your own social media accounts.

For organisations seeking to leverage celebrated insights, social media campaigns can be very worthwhile, targeting the ever-growing users of online communities. Kaizen Digital Evolution differentiate between social platforms and categorise which platforms will work best for you. Incidentally, we can evolve your platform by creating stand-out designs that are sure to surge your insights.