• Wireframing
  • Front End UX Design
  • Wordpress Website Development

Smart Sensing Solutions

Sensoteq designs and manufactures low-powered wireless sensors for remote machine health monitoring, providing continuous measurements of critical parameters such as temperature and vibration on high wear components in a wide-range of industrial applications. This innovative organisation based in Belfast, tasked Kaizen with building a web presence that accurately reflected the business online.


World Leading Design

Sensoteq are a world-class IOT product designers and manufacturers of industrial wireless sensing for condition monitoring. With products supporting industry world-wide, they chose Kaizen Brand Evolution to help develop their online experience for new and existing customers. We were tasked to create a nurturing platform that could engage and educate prospective customers. Through a critical review of the proposed customer experience, we were able to design and develop a strong website that would assist the company meet its ambitions.


User Driven Design

Our studio developed the Sensoteq website in a 3 tiered approach. Using data from the previous site, discussion with the client on the ambition of the business and our own experience working with B2B organisations, we were able to create a robust wireframe. Each page was carefully considered and designed to meet the exact needs of the user. On approval of the wireframe our frontend UX design team delivered a front end design driven largely by the brand guidelines. On review and approval of the front end design, we developed the website within the Wordpress Framework, providing a robust platform from which the Sensoteq team are fully able to manage and control their content. Across the site original content was updated or replaced, providing more opportunity as an authoritative site with regard placement in the search engines.


Delivering Results

Following a process as identified above, we were able to create an industry leading website that meets the needs and ambitions of a world-leading business. From user experience, to lead generation, design and development, all critical elements were given consideration to be best in class. The resulting combined output provides a website that delivers results.