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Challenges /Opportunities

Cinemagic is an award-winning film charity and is the leading film and television festival for young people in the UK and Ireland. With headquarters in Belfast the charity uses the power of film and television to educate, motivate and inspire.

Cinemagic is an incredible charity that's reach spans globally. Patrons of the charity include Liam Neeson, Colin Farrell and Saoirse Ronan. The stakeholders involved with the organisation range from every possible demographic and each have very specific needs when visiting the site. With this in mind, the accessibility and usability of the site is key.

The original site was built without a content management system. A large part of this project was to provide the Cinemagic team with the ability to self-manage and administer the site. Without the need for further development support.

Our Approach

Within a large scale migration project we developed a sitemap to ensure no pages would be forgotten in development. A plan was made to rebuild each of the pages within the new website design.

With an acute understanding of the intent of each section within a page, we wire framed the entire sitemap. This allowed the Cinemagic leadership the ability to view the site structure and proposed layout.

Following approval of the wireframes, we designed the site in line with Cinemagics' robust brand guidelines. With a vast array of imagery and content readily available, the design phase was completed promptly.

Website Design

Once the designs were agreed, our team began the website development phase. As the Cinemagic team required an easy-to-use content management system, we developed the website within the WordPress framework. This CMS is intuitive, easy to navigate and manage by users of all ability. WordPress afforded the organisation the opportunity to manage the website real-time without the need for developer support. This was incredibly important for an organisation working in multiple time zones and with news or changes happening outside of our working hours.

The Results

We built an engaging website that meets the current and future needs of the charity. It is scalable and provides the organisation with huge opportunity to communicate to its stakeholders world-wide. Since the site has gone live, there has also been integration with an enterprise level on demand video player. This 3rd party system houses all Cinemagic films, features and short productions.