RHK Cocktails


  • Shopify Development
  • UX Design
  • Digital Transformation

The Challenge / Opportunity

The pandemic changed how many do business almost instantly. For some, business came to a halt entirely. Others looked for opportunity and pivoted their business to thrive, during a tumultuous time. In a sea of bad news stories, RHK Cocktails was undoubtedly one of the winners in the pandemic.

Our client RHK Bars, own some of the leading hospitality businesses in Ireland including: Town - Leixlip, The Paddocks, Clonee, Aviary, Arcadia and The Monread. The innovation in cocktail design has earned them huge prominence across social channels over the past few years.


In the year that was 2020, business changed overnight. Those who were forward thinking and reactive pivoted as quickly as they could instantly. With this project in particular, time to market was of the utmost importance. Working with the Senior Management team, we worked in an agile manner to build the Shopify Website, add products and content in almost real-time. This was a highly collaborative approach amongst a wide body of team members. This was made possible by the admin systems in the Shopify framework. With a best-in-class pre-developed framework. We were able to reduce the design and development lead time. While also providing immediate access to the product management platform.


Within minutes of the site going live, the RHK team posted the link to their social channels. Our first order was under 25 seconds. Within the first 24hrs the site had customers all across the UK & Ireland and the revenue generated was a multiple of the development costs. Over the course of the pandemic, the RHK Cocktails site provided a highly successful Direct to Consumer (D2C) revenue model. Unseen at the time within a large scale hospitality business. A business that was otherwise closed due to Government regulations. Direct to Consumer website design and consideration is a huge focus for many industries at this time. Regular routes to market are either closed or severely disrupted. Affording companies an opportunity to engage and sell directly to their core markets.

Through the use of the Shopify ecommerce platform, we were able to systemise the order and fulfiment process, saving the company time on every order. Prior to the RHK Cocktails site going live, all orders and payments were manually processed.

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Returning customer rate of > 15%

Conversion rate >3.4%