Focal Media


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Focal Media is Ireland's leading digital signage company providing innovative technology based solutions for businesses in all market sectors. Operating from their Headquarters in Dublin, their strategic focus is on delivering next-level marketing opportunities in a range of business settings. Within certain sectors such as retail, they use advanced AI technology to determine demographics and from this present more relevant targeted ads to the customers. Focal Media are a cutting-edge leader in technology systems in Ireland and have been since March 2000 when the business was established. The market in which they operate in has become incredibly busy. We were tasked with developing a new website for Focal to support the companies business goals and driving sales through new customer acquisition and growth of the current customer base.


Working with all stakeholders in the organisation, we were able to determine the business objectives of the website development and directly map this to the project. The visual nature of the service Focal Media provide lends itself perfectly to website design, and so we fully utilised video, animation and motion graphics across the site. Customer journey was considered to ensure that we engaged, qualified and converted visitors into leads.

Focal Media is not just focused on selling digital screens. Their service areas of content creation and content management are a huge focus and an ongoing business driver. We were mindful to ensure presentation focused on the creative outputs and rather than "screens" which competitors focus on.


Since the new website has been put live, all key metrics have moved in positive directions. The site is performing incredibly well and provides a steady stream of well qualified leads for the business. It is an incredibly visual represenation of the Focal Media business and showcases their products and services perfectly both for the user experience and also to gain awareness/authority from the search engines.

We continue to support Focal Media with further website development as the business need dictates.