Motion Graphics & Animation

Bringing your Brand to life through animation

We help brands tell their story through stunning animation

We are a team of experienced Motion Graphics Designers who have helped businesses all across the country visualise their concepts through Motion Graphic and Animation projects. These have included: Display advertisements, product and explainer videos, presentation decks and television adverts.

We have worked on projects for: Horse Racing Ireland, Coca-Cola, Keogh’s Crisps and Peroni to name a few.

Whatever your industry, we can create graphics to engage and stimulate your customers. The process of creating stunning visuals is exactly the same regardless of output.

From PPC Display Ads, to Television Production, our creative is of the highest quality and suitable for every media type. Below we outline our process to creating stunning visuals.

Motion Design

Motion graphic design is the specific area of graphic design that utilises best practice principles to create broadcast quality animation and motion graphics. These resulting materials can be then used in any digital format across any screen. At Kaizen Brand Evolution our team are expert motion designers, backed by the strongest of core principles in graphic design and branding.

Our approach

Insight. Creativity. Technology.

We help you tell the stories your customers need to hear. Every video and animation we create helps to illustrate the story behind your brand, product or service.


Without understanding, we cannot successfully create a project to meet and exceed your ambitions.


Did we mention we tell a great story? Great stories are the backbone of every video project we undertake.

Design As Flats

After agreeing our chosen direction, we begin the design development creating the overall style of the animation.

Animation & Motion

Now to the exciting bit! After final sign off on flat designs, we begin the process of animation.

Our Works

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