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In order to progress and evolve, it is important to monitor our successes and failures to learn and grow from them. This is extremely important when it comes to running a successful business. To understand your organisation’s position in the market, you must conduct a brand audit.

A brand audit is an excellent method used to discover the inner workings of our business through analysing why certain things work and why other things do not. Additionally, it will create a clear outline of your organisation’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

In our ever-changing world, it is extremely important to always reflect on your business and ensure it continues to function at the highest of standards to safeguard success and return on investment. If your organisation begins to fall behind in terms of progress, there will be a rapid decline in interest, success and position in the market. Therefore, the importance of reflection and development is key.

This is when a brand audit can come in to save the day.

What is a Brand Audit?

A brand audit is a project that is implemented by industry professionals, to discover and highlight your businesses prospects. Within a brand audit project, research is conducted to understand your business and the markets that you operate in. Brand Audits take a respectful review of your market, and outline the opportunities that you can take advantage of, as well as the challenges you may face and how to manage these.

Why choose us to conduct your Brand Audit?

At Kaizen Digital Evolution, we are an esteemed team of experts who aspire to assist your business in their growth as much as possible. Through widespread experience, we have worked with organisations across numerous sectors, including start-ups, established businesses and international firms.

Incidentally, we have a detailed understanding of the requirements of all types of businesses and believe we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver a brand audit successfully for your business, no matter its status or sector.

Refresh your Position

Understandably, it can be difficult to recognise the strengths and weaknesses within your business from an insider point of view, therefore the involvement of an external expert is massively beneficial.

Whether you want to better your position in your current market through an evolved unique selling point, or if you want to excel in a brand-new market that you have never explored before, a brand audit will unveil the areas in which you can refresh your position.

We understand the potential reluctance and hesitancy to change your brand. To ensure an organic and natural transition, we respectfully challenge your position in the marketplace and work collaboratively with you to fully understand the opportunities and challenges that your business faces.

With a collaborative approach, our team can work alongside your organisation to gain an informative insight that will enable a detailed and correct brand audit to highlight numerous ways to evolve as a brand.

Focusing in on the areas that your organisation is not performing to the expected standard in, we will take an all-encompassing approach and outline ways in which you could improve both in that specific area and overall. Additionally, a brand audit will seek out areas that your business does not have a presence in and consider the potential benefits of introducing a presence in these areas.

The 3-Step Brand Audit Process

At Kaizen Digital Evolution, once we have completed a detailed brand audit for your business, we will create and present 3 individual brand concepts to your management team. It is important to note that a brand audit will result in a brand refresh, not a complete company rebrand, therefore the concept is not as scary and overwhelming as it may initially seem.

Concept No.1 – The Safe Option

The first concept that we will present to your business is that of a safe method. This concept will be a detailed evolution of your existing brand design to provide a much-needed refresh. Although a safe option, it will still deliver in boosting your position in the market.

Concept No.2 – Exploring your Design

Secondly, we will step out of your comfort zone slightly and objectively explore designs and opportunities that meet and exceed the requirements of your organisation.

Concept No.3 – Wild Card

In the third brand audit concept, we love to push the boundaries and exceed all expectations. We utilise our creative flair and pitch an evolved, objective brand that completely transforms your businesses current position.

Why 3-Steps?

At Kaizen Digital Evolution, we have conducted hundreds of brand audits for numerous businesses and have found that by providing 3 individually thought out and researched brand options, we encourage collaborative discussions and assist in the decision-making process. Additionally, we often find that businesses take elements from each of the 3 concepts, which can be extremely beneficial.

A Successful Brand Audit at Kaizen Digital Evolution

Once carefully executed, an effective brand audit will have visibly acknowledged and placed your organisation in high regard in both existing and new markets.

Our brand audit projects are executed with utmost effort and detail. To ensure your brand audit is implemented successfully, we enforce a 4-week timeline to allow our creative team of experts the appropriate amount of time to research and develop your audit.

We understand that time is an extremely important asset for any business and aim to be as productive as possible when conducting your audit. Nonetheless, we also understand the importance of a detailed, premium and robust execution that we believe is worth the wait.

When it comes to cost, each and every business is different. Depending on a variety of factors unique to your organisation, we will create a unique quote for a brand audit with us. Get in touch with our team of experts for an initial discussion on your potential brand audit and we will be able to provide all the important details you need to make the all-important decisions.

To discuss a project with us, contact Kaizen Digital Evolution today on 028 9507 2007.

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