The opportunities are endless for companies who use their online platform in an engaging and informative way. However, many organisations miss out on a massive puzzle piece if they fail to track their analytics and data.

If your company is investing precious time and money on online presence, it is paramount to place considerable importance on tracking progress to ensure this investment is worthwhile. Kaizen Digital Evolution believe it is paramount to power your business decisions and discover new opportunities by turning raw web data into the actionable intelligence.

The Benefits of Tracking Analytics & Data

Understand your website

Website analytics and data are essential tools for your organisation, highlighting how online users interact with your platform. Tracking provides businesses with in-depth insight into areas of popularity on their website, areas where issues arise and interesting details about site visitors. Understanding how your online platform works is key and engaging with users is the best way to do this, gaining an insight into first time and consistent customers over and over again.

Modern data and analytics focus on breaking down silos within your online user data, turning metrics into real people with motivations, needs and desires. Monitoring patterns and trends in this intelligence enables vast opportunities including the ability to effectively test ideas, measure success and support decision making business-wide.

Eliminate the guesswork

Kaizen Digital Evolution provide an analytics solution to eliminate the guesswork, making the invisible, visible. Understanding your clientele is a massive benefit for a business and tracking analytics and data will provide a clear and in-depth understanding into where your customers are coming from.

Monitoring where your traffic is coming from holds numerous benefits, enabling you to recognise areas of key interest and areas that require further brand exposure. This insight will assist in making the correct decision when choosing how and where to invest your time and money. Kaizen can elaborate on insights obtained and provide organisations with detailed information to assist in developing successful targeted campaigns.

Additionally, the hard data obtained through tracking analytics and insights reduces your project development risk, time and costs. Understanding what is going on behind the scenes in your organisation is key and Kaizen Digital Evolution can help with this.

Recognise your Limitations

Monitoring where your traffic is coming from is key but something equally as important is monitoring why your traffic are leaving. Tracking your analytics and data enables your business to understand why a customer visiting your website, fails to follow through with their online mission. Insights enable information such as when a customer visits, where they visit from, where they go to and exactly where on the website they decide to leave. Understanding this information is a powerful tool for your business, enabling the opportunity to rectify any issues or improve the customer journey.

Avoid Unnecessary Overspending

A common misunderstanding within digital marketing is that money is power. To a certain extent, investing money into your online platforms is key, however it is paramount to continually monitor analytics and data to ensure this money is being spent wisely and receiving a healthy return on investment.

To achieve company growth, it is important to invest in strategies and campaigns that will boost your position in the market. Tracking your investments is key, ensuring you do not overspend in an area that is not excelling or advancing your status. Additionally, monitoring will highlight the areas of high performance. This information enables your business to make informed decisions about future investments, allowing you to heavily invest in areas that perform well.

What We Do

At Kaizen Digital Evolution, we boast an experienced digital team and use highest quality software to conduct our practices. Combining top of the range Ai tools and strategic data mining experience, we gather and process your raw website data. Doing this enables us to convert the obtained data into valuable, actionable insights for your business.

The obtained analysis is monitored and presented in the form of spreadsheets, reports and dashboards that bring your data to live in an understandable way. This straightforward presentation of insight enables your business to make efficient decisions.

Tracking Analytics & Data Exposes New Revenue Channels

Through powerful insights, monitoring analytics and data can expose brand-new revenue channels for your business. Data insights empower businesses to achieve greater efficiencies, improve customer site experience, eliminate friction points and reduce churn. These understandings can also expose unanticipated opportunities, including unknown customers, hiding within your untracked data.

Utilising the information obtained through tracking analytics and data, Kaizen can award your business with full power of deep audience insights. This information unlocks new revenue channels, shifts marketing resources, measures campaign success and forecasts future trends.

Protect your Privacy

When it comes to online platforms, businesses often fail to recognise the importance of tight security. Kaizen Digital Evolution understand how important it is that your business is secure. To protect your data security, Kaizen store and process data within our secure on-premises and cloud facilities and conduct 24.7 in-house security monitoring.

Make the Invisible, Visible

Being knowledgeable about all elements of your business is the key to success. There has never been a more prominent time to boost your online platform and tracking your analytics and data is a key element in this process. Monitoring enables businesses a detailed understanding of their position and affords the opportunity to excel through best performing areas.

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